Meal Ideas!


Ricotta dumplings with spinach sauce (medium)

Stuffed peppers (medium)

Dal with Rice (easy)

Coconut beans with Cornbread (medium)

Linguine with goat cheese and roasted carrots (easy)

Veggie meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans (medium)

Taco Salad (easy)

Tortellini in Broth (easy)

Beyond Burgers (easy)

Veggie curry (green or red) (medium)

"Dragon Eats" Vietnamese Noodle Bowl (medium)

Spinach salad with raspberry dressing and pecan encrusted goat cheese (easy)

Bibimbowls (easy)

Soba Noodle Salad (medium)

Brunch and Lunch

Chilaquiles (easy)

Waffle Sandwiches (easy)

Peanut noodles (easy)

Avocado Toast with Soft boiled Eggs (easy)
Sesame ginger scrambled eggs with rice (easy)

Franks and beans (easy)